Poem-A-Day Journal

New for 2022: A Journal with a Poem a Day

This large unique book is the perfect thing for those who want to have some sort of daily journal of the year. For each day of the year, there is a poem and a One-Word Prompt that you can write or doodle about. Blank space on each page allows you to add anything you want about your day.

PLUS, for those who want to get interactive with the book, there is a Poem Life Journal email list, where you can share your thoughts about the things the day’s journal brings up: the poem, your own poem, a theme, a word, a phrase, an idea, something that happened that day. You can post poems for feedback or just exchange ideas with others on the list. You can also unsubscribe at any time.

You can purchase this book online or in person at the museum for $20.00. It’s a great Christmas gift, also! All proceeds benefit the Rural Oklahoma Museum of Poetry.

If you have purchased the book and want to join the email group and interact about the daily poem and theme, use the Contact Form below. THANK YOU!

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